Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gemstone of the Week: Tsavorite

("Holly" by Handmaden Designs)

Most of the time when people think of Garnet, they think about the various kinds of red Garnets not knowing that Garnets come in all sorts of colours.  Not only are there numorous varieties of red Garnets, there are also various types of orange, yellow, brown, pink, purple, black, green, and sometimes even colour-change Garnets.

One of those green varieties of Garnet is Tsavorite.  Tsavorite is a beautiful, lush green that easily rivals the beauty and vividness of Emerald.  It is a rare variety of Garnet and is the most valued of the Grossular Garnets. 

Tsavorite was first discovered in Tanzania (now also known to be in Kenya as well) in 1968.  It comes in all sorts of shades of green, but the yellowish-green is what is most often found. 

The retail value of Tsavorite varies greatly.  When it is over 3 carats and looks like a fine Emerald, it can be as much as $3,000 per carat.  For smaller stones of commercial quality the per carat price can be as low as $100.

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