Monday, April 11, 2011

Design Inspiration: Technology

("Victoria: Daughter of time" by Handmaden Designs)
While perhaps an unusual choice for design inspiration, technology can also be an excellent source.  Things to consider:

-What kind of technology?
-Past technology or future?

-What kind of technology?:

As with any other potential source of inspiration, always consider what you interests are.  Do you find nautical things interesting? If so, then consider what kind of equipment they use (or used to use) that may be incorporated into a design.  Interested in astronomy?  Same thing, consider designs inspired by astromomy equipment.

-Past technology or future?

This, is probably the most important thing to consider if seeking inspiration from technology:  when is the technology from? Steampunk considers this issue.  It takes its inspiration from Victorian technology and the Industrial Revolution and combines it with a sense of adventure, playfulness, and imagination while all the time adhering to styles, technology, and ideas of the Victorian era.  Here you have some highly creative jewelry and art that incorporates such technology as gears, watch-faces, etc.  It's not high-tech technology it uses, put it is very successful in finding inspiration in simple technologies.
But past technology, or even present, isn't the only type of technology to consider.  What about letting your imagination loose a bit and have fun considering all those Science Fiction TV series, books, movies, video-games, etc. and what technology might become (no matter how outrageous those ideas may seem).

(Victoria: Wings of Time" by Handmaden Designs)

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