Monday, April 18, 2011

Excited Mixed with Petrified

I am really excited right now, but also soooooooo scared.  I just had a meeting with a representative from the Small Business Administration about officially becoming a business. This is a huge step for me and is making me really nervous.  I want to do this right and am so afraid of messing up (and getting in trouble), yet I know it's time for me to take this step.

This year is a really, really important year for me.  I have four shows which is more than I've ever had before, and I'm officially registering as a business.  It's really exciting to see things finally getting off the ground and out of the "I wish" stage and into reality, but it is also rather nerve-racking.   There are soooo many things to do and do right it almost feels over-whelming at times.  I hadn't thought I'd be at this point already, but here goes!

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