Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Design Inspiration: Create an Inspiration Morgue

One very useful method many artists use for inspiration is to create an inspiration morgue.  An inspiration morgue consists of anything you find interesting that might help you create new designs.  It can include sketches, photographs, objects, etc.  Here are some things to consider when making your inspiration morgue:

-List of books


As mentioned in an earlier post, the colours, textures, and/or pattern of fabric can be used as a source of inspiration so if you find pieces of fabric that look interesting to you, considering setting them aside in your inspiration morgue.


Found objects can definitely be a source of inspiration and may even be incorporated into one of your pieces.  If you come across objects that you find yourself drawn too, add them to your inspiration morgue.  These might be bits of old jewelry, rocks, strange mechanical items, bugs, or any of a number of things that you find interesting or often look for ideas.

-List of Books:

If there are particular books you go to for ideas (or researching ideas) and you don't yet own them, make a list and put in with your inspiration morgue that way when you need to look for one of those books you don't have to rely on your memory as to what the title or the book was.


Consider including images of work by artist's you admire, images of historical objects or places, or images of natural objects or creatures.  If you do include images of another's work, be very careful to make sure you never copy them.  Being inspired by another's work and copying it are completely different things and will get you in a lot of trouble.


Put any sketches you made such as macro-micro studies, or project ideas in your inspiration morgue. 


This may seem like a strange one to include, but you never know when one of your strange pencil/pen doodles you've made (or are making) during work when you're bored or made in class instead of taking notes might come in handy and provide you with an idea for a new project. 

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