Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Necklace Terminolory & Types

("Lorraine" by Handmaden Designs)
There are many different types of  necklaces  and I thought I'd try and give a brief explanation of a few of them.

Choker: a choker is a short necklace generally ranging from 14" to 16" long and rests on the collarbone.

Princess: this is probably the type of necklace most people are familiar with (even if they don't know its name).  The princess necklace is pretty much the standard necklace at 18" long.

Matinée: this is the term used to refer to a 20" to 24" necklace.

Opera: an opera necklace is an extremely long necklace. It refers to a necklace that is 30" to 36" long.  It should fall to the breastbone and may be worn doubled over instead of at its full length.

Rope or sautoir: this refers to any necklace that is longer than an opera necklace.  They may be worn long, knotted, or wrapped around the neck multiple times.

Dog collar: a dog collar is a choker that is worn right up to the neck rather than laying on the collarbone.

Bib: is a necklace with multiple strands of beads or chains at difference lengths.

Torsade: is a necklace in which the strands of beads or chains are twisted together and clasped in a way that they stay that way.

Graduated: is any necklace in which the beads gradually increase and decrease in size.

Uniform: any necklace in which the beads all stay the same size.

Lariat: is an open-ended necklace with no clasp.  It may be fastened with a ring, brooch, "lariat loop," or tied in a loose knot.

Lavalier: is a pendant necklace with a single drop.

Negligee: is a pendant necklace with two drops of unequal lengths.

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