Monday, June 20, 2011

Types of Stone Cuts

("Ceallagh" by Handmaden Designs)
There are many different types of stone cuts, and many unusual custom cuts being designed all the time.  I thought I'd try and give a brief explanation/description of some of them.

Marquise/Navette: a stone with shape resembling a boat.  The sides are curved to meet at  point on either end of the stone.

Cushion: a cushion cut is a rectangular cut with rounded corners.

Baguette: a narrow rectangular cut stone.

Baton: a long, narrow rectangular cut stone.

Cabochon: a cut stone with a rounded, non-faceted top.

Round: any round cut stone.

Triangle: a triangular shaped cut stone.

Trillion: a triangular shaped stone with more rounded sides and corners.

Oval: any oval shaped cut stone.

Princess: a square shaped cut stone.

Octagon: octagonal shaped cut stone.

Radiant: a rectangular stone with the corners cut off.

Pear: a pear cut stone is pointed at one end and rounded at the other.  Sometimes it is also referred to as a briolette.

Heart: a heart shaped cut stone.

Emerald cut: similar to the radiant cut, only instead or small triangular shaped facets it is "stepped" with longer more rectangular facets.

Brilliant cut: this type of faceting involves many small triangular or cone shaped facets of different sizes.

Rose cut: this is essentially a type of cabochon as it has a flat bottom to the stone rather than the cone shaped back.  The top is covered with many small triangular facets and has not flat "table" unlike most stone cuts.

Checkerboard cut: with this type of stone cut, the stone's surface is covered with many square shaped facets resembling a checkerboard.

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