Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Few Steampunk Designers/Artists

I love Steampunk, and I know there are a great many others out there that love it also, so I thought I'd compose a list of just a few of the Steampunk designers and artists that are out there.  This is by no means a complete list, and there are some, like myself, that do more than just Steampunk.  

Datamancer: Website

Rhichard "Doc" Nagy of Datamancer is an amazing Steampunk artist.  He creates some of the most beautiful custom computers I've ever seen.

Catherinette Rings: Website

Daniel Proulx of Catherinette Rings, is a very unique Steampunk designer.   He creates both interesting pieces of jewelry, and some beautiful Steampunk sculptures.

Steampunk Threads: Website

Steampunk Threads is an offshoot of a Victorian-syle clothing company called "Recollections." 

Miss Emily Ladybird: Website

Miss Ladybird is a Steampunk jewelry designer.

Clockwork Couture:  Website

Clockwork Couture specializes in Steampunk fashion.

Among The Ruins: Website

Among the Ruins is a jewelry artist who likes to make vintage style jewelry, and so, while not all of her pieces are Steampunk,  there are a good many that are.

Dereck Maltez: Website

Dereck Maltez is another jewelry artist who has a couple lines of Steampunk style jewelry, but is not solely a Steampunk artist.

Hatton Cross Steampunk: Website

Hatton Cross Steampunk is a Steampunk artist/contraptor.  He has created some very interesting piees.

The Steam Emporium:  Website

Ed Kidera of The Steam Emporium is another interesting Steampunk artist/contraptor.  They seem to specialize in unusual gadgetry.

Art Donovan:   Website

Art Donovan is an amazing Steampunk lighting artist and creates some of the most interesting Steampunk lamps out there.

Dr. Grymm Laboratories:  Website

Dr. Grymm, is a very unusual Steampunk artist who seems to dable in just about any form of Steampunk art.

The list of Steampunk artists/designers really just goes on and on with more catching the Steampunk bug all the time!