Friday, March 23, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Prehnite

(Prehnite sample found on Jewelry-gems.blogspot)

Images of Prehnite
Prehnite is an interesting gemstone. It's note used in jewelry very often, which is a shame as it's a beautiful stone. Typically, Prehnite will be a beautiful soft almost apple green in colour, but it can also be any shade of pale to mid-green, tan, pale yellow, gray, or white.  Prehnite is another gem than can also occur in a cats-eyed form.  This gem was first discovered in 1789 by a Dutch military officer named Hendrik von Prehn.  It can form as globular, spherical, or stalactite aggregates and on occasion will even be found as individual prismatic to tabular crystals (often with curved faces) and some transparent material has been found in Australia and Scotland.  Some Prehnite has been marketed under the name Cape Emerald.   Prehnite can be found in the U.S. (it is a common beach stone in Michigan), Canada, Australia, South Africa,  and much of Europe.  Prehnite has a hardness of 6-6.5.

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