Friday, March 9, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Sphene (Titanite)

Sphene is calcium titanium silicate and is a very beautiful stone.  Also known as Titanite, Sphene is generally either yellow, green, orange, or brown.  Part of this stones beauty is that it has a diamond like luster and a very high dispersion.  In fact, its colour dispersion is even higher than that of a diamond.  Sphene can be brittle, so most stones are cut for collectors, although I have seen it used in jewelry.  While the previously mentioned colours are what it normally is found as, Sphene can also be black, pink, red, blue, or colourless as a result of the number of other elements can be be substituted in its structure.  Sphene's mos notable locations are: Austria, Italy, Madagascar, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Pakistan, and a few locations in the U.S.  The value of Sphene varies significantly depending on the size, colour, and quality of the stone, but for the normal colours there is a value chart on that you can consult: Sphene value chart.

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