Friday, July 27, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Clinohumite

(Clinohumite image found on

Clinohumite is a stunningly gorgeous and very rare gemstone!  It was discovered in 1876 by Sir Abraham Hume.  This gem (like many others) was first discovered at Mount Vesuvius.  Clinohumite may be various shades of orange, yellow, and brown and is sometimes such an intense orange that it borders on being red.  At present, there are only three known locations where Clinohumite (of gem-quality) may be found:  the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan, the Mahenge plateau of Tanzania, and in Siberia (the Taymyr region). Clinohumite is about a hardness 6. Ordinarily, this hardness would make it perfectly suitable for use in jewelry, but it still tends to be a fragile stone so great care must be taken when setting it. Because of its rarity, Clinohumite can be very expensive.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Orc Weave bracelet.

("Orc Weave bracelet" by Handmaden Designs LLC)

Sterling silver and tantalum Orc Weave bracelet. the bracelet is just under 7.5 inches long.

Orc Weave is an original weave by Handmaden Designs LLC.


("Ilaria" by Handmaden Designs LLC)

Sterling silver, freshwater pearl, and Amethyst Acute Mandala earrings.  The earrings are 2 inches long.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tawas Waterfront Fine Art Show!

Just under two weeks until the Tawas Waterfront Fine Art Show!  The show is August 4-5 and is held in the city park. The times are: Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 10am-4pm.  Last year the whether was great, only one very light sprinkle which was actually quite welcome as it was a rather hot day.  Hopefully the whether will be as good this year!  The only threat of bad weather was when we were packing up at the end of the show, that part we could do without this year.

Monday, July 23, 2012


("Elverretta" by Handmaden Designs LLC)

Art Deco inspired Dragonscale and Byzee Helm chainmaille necklace. The necklace is made of sterling silver, Black Onyx, and Rock Crystal. Rock Crystal is the term used for transparent, colourless Quartz (as apposed to Quartz that is milky or translucent to opaque) and is the highest quality non-coloured Quartz. The necklace is 19 inches long. the centerpiece of the necklace measures at 3 inches.

 Byzee Helm is an original weave by Handmaden Designs LLC.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Moria bracelet

("Moria bracelet" by Handmaden Designs LLC)

Sterling silver Moria weave bracelet. All the rings are handmade as well as the clasp. The S-hook clasp has been hammered for extra detail.  The bracelet is just over 7.5 inches long and is 1/2 inch wide.

Moria is an original weave by Handmaden Designs LLC


("Moria" by Handmaden Designs LLC)
Moria is a European-Moibus weave that appears to be related to the Interwoven European weaves and possibly to Elfweave. Moria is one of my own weaves.

Gemstone of the Week: Heliodor

(Heliodor image found on

Heliodor is another stunningly beautiful type of Beryl.  It is the yellow variety of the same mineral that gives us Aquamarine, Morganite, Emerald, and Goshenite. Heliodor generally forms as hexangonal columnar prismatic crystals.  The name "heliodor' is derived from the Greek word 'helios' meaning 'sun.' Some of the best crystals come from the Ural Mountains in Russia, but it can also be found in Namibia, Nigeria, Brazil, Ukraine, Madagascar, and various locations across the U.S.  Heliodor ccan have a per carat vale of $50-$350 depending on the depth of colour and quality of the stone.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


("Tartarus" by Handmaden Designs LLC)
European (and slightly Moibus) weave with Rhino interactions. Closely related to the weave Hades (hence the name Tartarus) only without the Berus attribute.

Tartarus is an original weave by Handmaden Designs LLC.

Monday, July 16, 2012


("Tiffania" by Handmaden Designs LLC)

Sterling silver and freshwater pearl Bee's Nest weave chainmaille and wire-work bracelet. Arts & Crafts and Victorian inspiration. All the S-hooks have been hammered for added detail. The bracelet is just under 7.75 inches long and just under 1 inch wide.  

Bee's Nest is an original weave variant by Handmaden Designs LLC.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Aragonite

(Image of Aragonite found on RocksForKids, but owned by Cochise College)

Aragonite is chemically identical to Calcite.  The difference is in the geological conditions it forms under. It may be colourless, white, gray, reddish, yellowish, blue, violet, brown, or green.  It is generally found as orthorhombic crystals either as single crystals or twinned.  Aragonite is mostly found within the oxidized zone of ore deposits. Facet quality crystals may be found in the Czech Republic, Mexico, Morocco, England, Japan, Germany,Italy, France, Hungary, and some locations in the U.S.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


("Elaria" by Handmaden Designs LLC)

Sterling silver Arts & Crafts inspired chainmaille necklace. Acute Mandala and wire-wrapped Amethyst geode centerpiece with freshwater pearls and a Bee Stings variant I'm calling Bee's Nest. The necklace is just over 17.5 inches long. Handmade rings and clasp.

Bee's Nest is an original weave variant by Handmaden Designs LLC.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Wulfenite

(Image of Wulfenite sample found at Cochise College)

Wulfenite is a minor source of the mineral molybdenum.  It generally forms as thin, square plates or as beveled tabular crystals.  However, granular or massive forms are also known to occur. Wulfenite may be red, orange, yellow, brown, or gray in colour.  It was discovered in 1845 by Frantz Xaver von Wulfen after whom it is named.  Some of the best samples of Wulfenite may be found in Solvenia, Mexico, China, Zambia, and the state of Arizona.  This gem forms as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of lead and molybdenum deposits and often occurs along with Cerussite, Vanadinite, and Pyromorphite.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Things are about to get busy!

My recent order of 36 troy ounces of sterling silver wire has arrived, so now it's time to get busy designing/creating new pieces for my upcoming show!  I also bought more design forms as I'm planning on having a few larger sterling silver pieces, such as necklaces or sets, made for the show.  I was tired of buying sterling in smaller amounts and having to go sparingly with it, using it for only smaller pieces.  So, this year I bought what should be a pretty substantial amount of sterling wire so I can finally make some large and more elaborate pieces from it!  So stay tuned for pictures of new work!