Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Vayrynenite

(Vayrynenite image found on

Vayrynenite is another of those highly obscure, but gorgeous gemstones.  It is among the most rare of collector's gems and tends to be pinkish-orange in colour. It is named for mineralogist and geologist Heikki Allan Vayrynen (1888-1956) a professor of mineralogy at Technical High School in Helsinki, Finland.  Vayrynenite may be light pink to rose-red and is a hardness 5. Everything I have read, says it was first discovered in Finland in 1954.  Today, Vayrynenite may be found in a few locations in: Finland, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan,  Kazakhstan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the states of Maine and Wisconsin. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dalya v.2

("Dalya v.2" by Handmaden Designs LLC)

Sterling silver, copper, and freshwater pearl Not Tao 4 bracelet.  Measures at 7.75 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide.

Gemstone of the Week: Covellite

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Covellite is a rare and beautiful copper sulfide.  It was first discovered in 1832 as a volcanic sublimate on Mount Vesuvius by Nicolas Covelli, after whom it is named.  Covellite tends to be indigo-blue to black and often has faint tinges of purple iridescence. Usually, Covellite occurs as a product of alteration of another copper sulfide, such as, Chalcopyrite, Chalcocite, and Bornite.  Covellite makes beautiful cabochons, but as jewelry you will have to be very careful with it as it only has a hardness of 1.5-2.  Some of the places it may be found include: Germany, Serbia, Australia, Sardinia, and the states of Montana and Arizona.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Gemstone of the Week" Veszelyite

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Veszelyite is another of those beautiful gemstones practically no one has heard of. It was named after Hungarian mining engineer A. Veszelyi who was the person who first discovered Veszelyite.  Veszelyite was discovered Romania in 1874.   It has a hardness of 3.5 -4 and may be green, blue, greenish blue, and dark blue.  It is found in the oxidized zones of base mineral deposits and is a rare copper zinc phosphate. Some of the places where Veszelyite may be found include: Romania, Zambia, Rep. of Congo, and in the state of Montana.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can't wait until Tawas show 2013!

(Booth photos taken by my brother, Nathan Hepworth)

 Well, the weekend before last was the Tawas Waterfront Fine Art Show, and it went great!! This was my second year at that show and I certainly be going back for a third (and perhaps a fourth, and a fifth....).

The Tawas show is juried fine art show and is juried by category.  Last year, I took 1st Honourable Mention in the jewelry category, and this year I took ............................................................................... ........................................................................................................................ 1st Place in the jewelry category!

Another improvement from last year was the weather!

While the weather during the actual show last year was perfect, while we were packing up at the end we were racing to finish ahead of the incoming storm.  We had just finished putting everything in the truck and gotten in when the clouds let loose in torrential downpour.  We'd had to go a different route home, because we found that there were power-lines down across the road we needed to take (turned out that if we'd stayed at the park any longer we would have seen and F1 tornado going out across the lake!).

This year however, there were no such adventures.  The Lord blest us with two great days.  The forecast had said that there was a 70% chance of thunderstorms Saturday night and 40% chance of thunderstorms Sunday during the day.  Thankfully the Lord answered prayers and it was dry both day and night!  Saturday night apparently had some really high winds up in Tawas and 10 booths collapsed.  I feel bad for one lady who lost 2/3 of her pottery inventory when her booth collapsed and went flying into someone else's booth!  I really hope she had a great first day of the show, to offset some of the lost inventory.  Despite all the downed booths,  when we got to the show that second morning I found that my booth was completely untouched!

Praise the Lord for His protection!

And I can't wait until the 2013 Tawas Waterfront Fine Art Show!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Despujolsite

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Despujolsite is an extremely rare manganese sulfate gemstone.  Until just recently (thanks to the glory that is Pinterest!) I hadn't even heard of it, and I'm sure most others haven't either. It is named in honour of Pierre Despujols who was the founder of the Moroccan Geologic Survey. Small crystals of Despujolsite were initially sold as "Green Ettringite" and it is due to the Robert Downs lab at the University of Arizona that the crystal form of this gemstone has been recognized as being another form Despujolsite.  Despujolsite was first discovered in Morocco in 1968.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


("Claudia" by Handmaden Designs LLC)
These Steampunk earrings are made of small watch/clock gears and upcycled vintage chains.  They were commissioned by a lady I met during my show this last weekend.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Phosphophyllite

(Phosphophyllite sample from

Phosphophyllite is a beautiful and very rare blue-green to colourless gemstone.  It is a hydrated zinc phosphate and is named from the Greek word for "leaf" (phyllon) and from it being a phosphate based gem.  The ''leaf" portion of its name is because of the way the stone cleaves (breaks).  Phosphophyllite may be found in Germany, the state of New Hampshire, and Bolivia, but some of the best samples come from Bolivia.