Monday, March 12, 2012

Feathers in Jewelry?

("Marielle" by Handmaden Designs LLC)

I've seen a lot of feathers being used in jewelry design and other accessories lately.  I've made a couple pieces using feathers, and I'm wondering whether to do more with them.  Feathers just add an interesting texture to ones work, and can add a lot of colour and pattern without over doing it.  If paired with the right materials, they can really make a piece feel exotic. 

However,  I do have a concern about the durability of these pieces.  Feathers can be so fragile; the wearer has to be very careful about them.  If they get wet, they can get a bit bedraggled and don't always dry nicely. 

So I kind of have mixed thoughts about using feathers.  I would really like it if others could give me their thoughts about using them!