Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Brief(ish) Copyright Rant

What is it about copyright that people don't seem to understand?  Really, it's not just an issue of copyright but about honesty and integrity.  If the image is not yours, don't use it without permission (and if you get permission, properly credit the owner of the image), and certainly do not steal it and pass it off as yours!  In the chainmaille community, we've had a lot of issues with image theft lately.  It seems that every year we find at least one or two websites that are using another's images without the owners permission,  and in most cases, are trying to claim credit for them.

 I am really getting rather tired of this.  I can't put into words just how much it irks me that people do this (especially when I find that the stolen image(s) belong to my friends).  The chainmaille community is not very large, and most of us know most everyone else from various messageboards (be it Maille Artisans, The Ring Lord Forum, Mailler's Worldwide, Handmade Artist's Forum, etc.) and so tends to be a rather close community.  We help each other out with advice be it about chainmaille construction issues, advice about selling, etc., but we also look out for each other's images/designs when we find that they have been absconded with by another.

So to anyone that reads this, please, please please, do not use anothers' images without permission or pass them off as your own!!  I know dishonest people, will be dishonest people and will do this anyway, but sometimes these issues happen because of a lack off copyright understanding.  In short, if it is not yours, either do not use it at all, or ask permission and wait for them to approve your use of their images.