Monday, March 19, 2012

This so makes me want to scream right now!

For the last few days several of my friends have been having a major problem with image theft.  There's a lady on Facebook (her page is called "Capturing Essence", she also has one called "Irish Forge" where she was also caught posting stolen images) who has been stealing people's chainmaille images and posting them as her own.  Some images on her page are her own, but others are not and everytime she is confronted with it she gets belligerent about it.  She deletes eveyone's comments that show that she has been stealing images and then yells and whines about everything as if she were the victim.  She's stolen images from Blue Buddha Boutique, Spiderchain, Zlosk, Corvus Chainmaille, Chainmaille by MBOI, and others.  Even when she is shown a list of pics side-by-side of the ones on her page and where the original image came from the she still denies it (and if it was posted publicly she deletes it so no one else can see it and see that she is indeed stealing images)!!  She also has the nerve to watermark the stolen images!!  Facebook has been good about removing the stolen images when they've been reported, but she just goes and reposts them.

Honestly, I rather hope the FB just decides to ban her as she is obviously never going to stop stealing people's images and will certainly never admit that that is what she's been doing.