Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pinterst Terms of Service Updated!

This is great!! Pinterest is a fairly new site, and like all sites when they are first put up it had some issues.  The main issue being its original 'Terms of Service.'  In the ToS it was mentioned that by uploading/pinning content to Pinterest you were allowing them redistribute, use, display, blah blah blah all the other normal things they put in a ToS.  However, they had also included sell under these ToS and that caused a lot of artists and other Pinterest users to be concerned.  I read on another blog (I believe it was Art Biz Blog, but I'm not sure) about one lady who actually contacted Pinterest with her concern over this and ended her e-mail with 'call me.'  To her surprise, the founder of Pinterest did actually call her to talk about her concerns. 

Well, he must really have been listening and serious about making a site that people were happy with and at ease about using because Pinterest has now updated their ToS.  And guess what!!!  They have completely removed the mention of being allowed to 'sell' image uploaded/pinned to Pinterest! So it would seem Pinterest really does care about what its users think and how they feel the site could or should be improved, as they have now addressed the major concern that many have had about the site.  I was so glad to see this, because so often a site will say to contact them about suggestions, concerns, etc., but then don't do anything about it afterwards.