Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gemstone of the Week: Rhodonite

(Rhodonite image from

For anyone that loves pink, Rhodonite is an excellent gem to get jewellery in!  Rhodonite is often a rose pink with black Manganese oxide veining.  Rhodonite can be pink to rose-red in colour and form as rounded crystals, masses, or as grains. This gem is a manganese silicate and is commonly found in various manganese ores either with Rhodochrosite or as a metamorphic by-product of Rhodochrosite.  While ind India, Rhodonite is often used as a manganese ore, it is most often used in jewelry or other decorative purposes.  In terms of per carat or per stone value, Rhodonite varies greatly ranging from inexpensive opaque stones to very expensive transparent stones.  Rhodonite may be found in Brazil, Canada, England, Russia, Sweden, and the U.S. with Rhodonite crystals being found in Peru, Australia and the state of New Jersey.