Monday, September 17, 2012

My new gems!

I've been debating for quite some time now whether to start adding in some faceted gemstones (ratehr than just beads) into my work.  Soooo, last week I decided to bite the bullet and just bought some on E-bay.  I found a really nice (and really low priced) mixed gemstone wholesale lot of about 100+ carats on E-bay.  They just got here on Saturday and I can't wait to start using them!!! Here's what I ended up getting.

One Peridot roughly .75 carats.

Two Garnets; one is roughly .75 carats and one is about 2.0 carats.

Seven Amethysts; roughly: 11.5 carats, 3.0, carats, 4.0 carats, 5.0 carats, 4.5 carats, 2.0 carats, and 2.0 carats.

Three Golden Topaz; roughly: 7.5 carats, 5.5 carats, and 4.0 carats.

One Rose Quartz; roughly: 21.0 carats.

One Smokey Quartz; roughly: 19.0 carats.

Four Clear Quartz, although two (the two on the left) seem different (denser and different luster) and may actually be Topaz; roughly: 2.5 carats, 3.0 carats, 2.0 carats, and 1.5 carats.