Friday, September 28, 2012

Work-in-Progress: sneak peak

Just a little sneak peak at one of my current projects.  Sterling silver and Aventurine hand-made, open-back cabochon prong setting.  This is part of a new bracelet that I am working on that will combine silver-smithing and chainmaille. 

Right now, I'm working on two bracelets, and designing/planning five other projects all at the same time.  The one problem with working on so many projects at the same time is that it then seems to take longer to finish any one of them.

One setting down, four more to go! 

Gemstone of the Week: Eosphorite

(Eosphorite image found on

Eosphorite,  a beautiful and little-known collectors gem.  Eosphorite was discovered in 1878 and was given its name by George J. Brush and Edward S. Dana.  The name comes from the Greek έωσφορος (or: heōsphoros) meaning "dawn-bearer."  It was given this name due to its colour. Eosphorite may be rose pink, red, pale brown, golden brown, medium to dark brown, light pink, light yellow, or colourless.  It has a hardness of 5 which is comparable to Apatite. Eosphorite is generally a secondary mineral found in phosphate bearing granitic pegmatites. It may be transparent to translucent and have a vitreous, sub-viterous, or resinous luster. Eosphorite may be found in: Russia; Sweden; Finland; Germany; Portugal; Afghanistan; Pakistan; Rwanda; Mozambique; Brazil; Argentina;  Australia; the Yukon Territory in Canada; and the states of Maine, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Connecticut, North Carolina, Arizona, and California.