Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gemstone of the Week: Fire Opal

(Fire Opal image found on stellarjewelry.com)
(Fire Opal image found on martymagic.com)

Fire Opals are a stunning and highly valuable gemstone. They are the yellow, orange, orange-red, and red varieties of precious Opal. They may be cut as cabochons or faceted and may or may not show the play-of-colour that Opals are most known for. They are a hardness 5.5-6.5.  What makes the Fire Opal unique in comparison to most other Opals is that quality Fire Opal may be transparent or translucent. The Opal gets its name from the Greek word opallus which means to see a change in colour (referring the the Opal's play-of-colour). Fire Opal is considered the national gemstone of Mexico.  Fire Opal, while not as valuable as some of the other precious Opals can still command a relatively high price.  To see a per carat value chart for Fire Opal you may visit GemVal.com.  Fire Opals may be found in a few locations in: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Ecuador, Hungary, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Slovakia, Turkey, England, the Canadian province of British Colombia, and the states of: Oregon, New Jersey, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, California, and Arizona.

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