Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gemstone of the Week: Serendibite

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Serendibite is considered to be a very, very rare gemstone.  It was discovered in 1902 and is named after the old Arabic name for Sri Lanka: Serendib.  Serendibite is a hardness 6-7, may be transparent to translucent, and has a vitreous luster.  it may be black, dark blue, grayish-blue, pale yellow, blue-green, blue, or brown.  In transmitted light it may appear near colourless to yellow-green or blue. Serendibite has a triclinic crystal structure and may occur as granular anhedral to subhedral crystals in a matrix, or as twinned crystals.  On occasion, but rarely, Serendibite may be found as tabular crystals.  Serendibite is found in only a couple locations in Burma (Myanmar), Russia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the states of New York and California. Serendibite can be extremely expensive.  I have seen some outrageously high per carat values quoted on a couple of sites, I am doubtful on the accuracy of those quotes.  However, you should still expect to spend quite a lot of money for good examples as facet quality stones are rare.