Saturday, February 16, 2013

Artist Feature: A Mechanical Mind

("Mantis No.5" by A Mechanical Mind)
I don't often do featured artist blog posts, but there's a Steampunk artists who's work I just had to share. 

Based in Chicago, Illinois, the artist behind "A Mechanical Mind" is Justin Gershenson-Gates.  His work is really Steampunk whimsy at its best.  All of his sculptures and jewelry pieces are made up of watch parts and other mechanical salvage that have been re-imagined in very ingenious ways.

("Quiver: Clockwork Heart Necklace" by A Mechanical Mind)
As a fan of Steampunk, and a jeweler myself,  I've looked at a lot of Steampunk and Justin's work is among the best I've seen.  One thing in particular that makes his work stand out from others is the fact that the pieces are soldered together rather than simply being glued.  It is a much more difficult process than using glue, but the results speak for themselves.  The pieces will be stronger than when epoxy or other glue is used and without the yucky mess that glue tends to leave behind.  His jewelry designs are elegant, and not over-fussed which is a common problem in Steampunk.  Sometimes, too many great parts get combined into one piece and pushes it over-the-top to where the piece no longer makes any sense and doesn't look right anymore; sometimes, less is more. While many others repeat their designs exactly, no one piece of his creation looks the same but is unique unto itself.

(Mechanical Scorpion" by A Mechanical Mind)
 Along with jewelry, he also creates amazingly whimsical and spectacularly made sculptures. Again, just as with his jewelry, the pieces are soldered together. The amount of detail he puts into these creations is really quite something, and what makes it all even more amazing is when you look at the size of these sculptures.  He's not working with massively large pieces, but small and accurately detailed sculptures that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

(Alien: Watch Parts Pendant" by A Mechanical Mind)
The patience and love that he has for what he does is evident in every piece that he makes.  Whether sculptures or jewelry, they are pieces that truly are beautiful pieces of art.  If you would like to see more of his work, you may find him through the following links: