Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gemstone of the Week: Maw Sit Sit

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Maw Sit Sit is a truly beautiful stone.  It was first discovered sometimes during the 1960's by the Swiss gemologist Eduard J. Gübelin while during fieldwork in Burma.  While Maw Sit Sit may look like Jade, that is not entirely accurate. Maw Sit Sit does contain some Jadeite, Jadeite is but a small part of its mineral composition.  The minerals that make up Maw Sit Sit primarily consist of: Kosmochlor, Chromium Jadeite, Chromium, Eckermannite, and Chromium Albite but small amounts of other minerals are also sometimes present.  Maw Sit Sit has a varying hardness, but it may reach as high as a hardness 7.  It is an opaque gemstone with a colour ranging anywhere from an intense emerald green to dark green and often has some black patterning to the stone. At present, the only known location for Maw Sit Sit is in Burma(Myanmar) where it was first discovered. Maw Sit Sit can be difficult to buy as not only is it rare, but it is also largely unknown to most people, but when you are able to find examples for sale the prices are generally fairly reasonable. However, the gem market, like the stock market, is in constant fluctuation with values continually rising and falling and so should this gem become more known, and a demand created for it, it's anyone's guess what the prices may become in the future.